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How long will my painting take to be ready?
The time how long it takes depends on a few factors:
- are you using express or normal service? - which medium are you ordering? - what size would you like your painting to be?
Paintings in Medium Sizes
(Oil & Acrylic)
(20 x 25cm - 50 x 60cm)
Paintings in Large Sizes
(Oil & Acrylic)
(60 x 90cm - 120 x 180cm)
Charcoal, Pencil, Pastel & Watercolor
Normal(in days) 19 24 18
Expedited* (in days) 12 15 12
Expedited* + Express Shipping(in days) 13 16 -
* Should you require your paintings urgently, then please opt to add the expedited service to your order. The cost for this service is 15 percent more to your order. We will give your order higher priority to the regular orders. You may also order a gift certificate for a last minute gift idea.

Please be aware: For modifications, you ask for after seeing the edited photo and the finished painting it takes up to 4 days to make changes each time which you requested. Any delay on responding to our emails and sending the photo via snail mail instead of email should also be taken into account.
Can I submit my order to be expedited?
We do offer expedited service. It means your order will be given top priority over all other orders. The expedited service is only 15% more on the price and you can check for a more precious turnaround time here
I approved my painting when will it ship?
In general it takes between 2-3 days before we can ship the painting, this depends of the type of medium you have chosen and if you selected framing. Oil and Acrylic need to dry before framing/shipping.
Can you ship worldwide and what are the costs for shipping to my country?
We ship to all countries worldwide for FREE. Our shipping charge includes the handling and insurance and does not depend on quantity of items ordered or their sizes.
Do I have to pay extra for changes?
There is no extra payment required on changes, we do all changes for free.
How can I pay? What payment methods do you offer?
We accept the following payment methods: 1. credit card - you can pay directly during the order by using your credit card 2. PayPal - use your PayPal account or create one (you can use it for many other online businesses as well). You can even pay through PayPal with your credit card just click on `Don't have a PayPal account?` At the moment we can not accept any other payment methods. Checks will not be accepted either.
Do you sell gift certificates?
Of course - you can get a gift certificate from us! A great gift idea as well! You can opt to have an email sent directly to the recipient or email it to yourself so you can create a custom voucher. Alternatively you may like to use our printed voucher instead and we have the gift certificate mailed to the recipients address.

Get your gift certificate ordered now!

May I select which artist paints my photo?
Yes! Please let us know which painting in our galleries you like best and we will try our best to pass it to the same artist.
What framing options do I have and how is my painting shipped?
You may choose between 3 options:
1. Rolled in an art tube: your painting will arrived rolled up in a protective art tube. 2. Stretched canvas: we can ship your painting ready stretched to hang up. We call this Gallery Wrap. This option can only be chosen for oil and acrylic portraits.
3. Framed: Choose a frame for your painting and it will arrive ready to hang up. You will see the framing selection we offer while submitting your order.
You list sizes as 20x24 inches but I would rather have my painting to be 24 inches wide and 20 inches heigh - is that possible?
Yes, we only list it like 20x24 inches and usually we would use it according to your photographs proportion. So if your photo would work best if the width is wider than the height we would paint it that way as well. But if you would like a vertical photo painted horizontally instead please let us know in the remark section when you submit the order.
May I pick a different background?
Sure! We change your background without charging anything extra. You can either ask the artist to pick your background or select a color of your choice. We of course also paint the photo background if you prefer.
What medium would suit my photo best?
We can not really say which medium is the best as it is down to your own taste. We recommend you check out our showcase pages to get a better idea what you may prefer: oil, charcoal, watercolor, pastel, pencil and acrylic Take a look at the different medium characteristics which we can offer. Most popular are Oil and Charcoal.
May I submit my pictures via email to you?
Sure, you can send us your photos to this email address:
Can you improve the picture I would like to have painted if it is of low quality?
We offer you a consultation service for your photo for free. Just email us your picture and we can advise if the photo can be used.
How may I submit changes I would like done to the picture?
When you submit your orders you will see a special remark section in which you can put your comments to the photo editor. The editor will then work on your photos and for example merge separate photos into one, remove or add items, change colors etc.
May I send several photos and you combine them into one painting?
Yes, that is possible! We can combine them into one painting, please give us your comments in the remarks section to explain how you would like the paintings combined.
May I have my photo painted in color if it is B&W? Or can you change my color photo to black & white?
We automatically improve your photo if it has scratches or needs any other improvements. We can change a black and white photo and turn it into color or visa versa. Use the remark section during the order to give clear instructions on which parts of the black and white photo should be colored in which color.

You will receive a preview of the colorized picture via email and you can either approve it or ask for changes before we start the painting process. This is a free service!
Can I return my item if I am unhappy?
Please check out our return policy.
Are you able to do custom sized paintings as well? How much do they cost?
Yes we can do custom sizes as well. Just select the painting size which is closest to the custom size you plan to order and use the remark section to let us know what size you would like used instead. If there is a price difference we will contact you with the updated price.
Will I receive a photo of the painting before it is shipped?
As soon your painting is ready you will receive a preview of it to view online and you can ask for changes or approve it ready for shipping.
Can I see what status my order is in?
Yes, you can login to your account to view the status of your order. The status will then show in the main section of your orders.
How can I ask for changes to be made to my painting or approve it?
Please login to your account to submit your comments on the painting or to approve it ready for shipping.
Do you protect my private details I submit during an order?
Yes, of course! We do not share or sell your details with any third party. Your order is submitted through our secure website.
Have your artists been trained to do there art?
Our artists have been studying their art at universities and are all professionally trained.
I could not find an answer to my question - can you help?
Yes, please use our contact form and we will en-devour to answer all your questions or why not contact us through our live chat.